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High Quality Raw Materials For Higher Quality

We also partner with third-party inspection facilities to continuously improve our standards and produce better aluminum cookware for your brand and your customers.

  • Our long-term suppliers provide non-stick coatings that are PFOA-free. High abrasion resistance and high temperature resistance ensure safe cooking and a longer service life.
  • We produce products that use only food-grade aluminum, which is fast in heat conduction, light in weight, corrosion resistant and will not affect food.
  • All materials are strictly inspected to ensure top quality and are sourced from quality material suppliers.

Our Process

When it comes to the quality of our cookware, we don't believe in shortcuts. Every pan and pot will go through at least 8 meticulous processing steps before it becomes Elyshine Cookware.

  • Cold Press With Precision
  • 1st Wash To Remove Grease
  • Rim Processed To Perfection
  • Hand Polishing To Refine
  • Sandblasting To Improve Adhesion
  • 2nd Cleaning To Remove Grains
  • Interior & Exterior Coating
  • Final Handle Assembly

Quality Can Be Seen Throughout Production

By maintaining strict quality control standards from receiving materials to completion and packaging, we ensure the consistency and reliability of our aluminum cookware.

  • Raw Material Inspection

  • Processing Inspection

  • Performance Testings

  • Final Inspection

  • Abrasion-resistant Test

  • Dishwasher Test

Our In-house Performance Tests

The aluminum cookware goes through a series of tests during the production process, resulting in consistent products from start to finish.

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