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  • Cold Pressing Tech

    Thicker Pans, Better Performance

    Thickness is the key element of quality. Thicker pans boast better heat distribution. And their chance of causing hot spots is also lower compared with ordinary cookware.

    Our advanced COLD PRESSING TECH creates a thicker rim and bottom than other processing techniques. This helps defend the cookware from warping and ensures its lasting use.

  • Non-stick Coating System

    Cooking Made Easier, Safer & Healthier

    Our premium non-stick coating makes cooking easier & healthier than ever before. Less oil is required for easy flipping or scrambling.

    And our 2 to 4-layer non-stick coating system is thick enough to resist abrasion and to prevent the food from reacting with the metal part for safer cooking.

    Partnering with the most reliable coating suppliers, we promise PTFE and ceramic coatings we offer are APEO & PFOA-free.

  • Bottom-covering Tech

    Evenly Heated On Any Surface

    Most aluminum cookware on the market is not induction compatible due to the fact that aluminum is not magnetic conductive.

    Our revolutionary BOTTOM-COVERING TECH including cold pressing, hot pressing and welding make cookware ready for any ceramic, gas, induction or electric cooktop.

    Steel bottoms bonded seamlessly to our pans and pots also ensure maximum contact and even heat conduction.

User-friendly Design In Every Detail

As a professional manufacturer, we care about the cooking experience of end consumers just like you.

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